Do I need to use a base coat and top coat?

You don’t need a base coat. However, we do recommend applying a layer of Murron Peel-Off Gel Top Coat over the gel color to extend the wear of your manicure or pedicure. A regular size bottle (10ml) of the top coat is included in every Murron Gel Manicure Starter Kit.


Is Murron gel manicure and pedicure waterproof?

You can perform regular household tasks like washing dishes or showering while wearing your Murron. You may notice that Murron softens under hot or warm water after few minutes due to its chemistry. As long as you don’t peel it and be more careful with it, it will stay on and hardens again quickly after they are removed from hot or warm water.


How long can I expect Murron manicure and pedicure to last?

The wear time of the gel varies from person to person. It also depends on how well the nail preparation and gel application is done. However, when applied properly, Murron gel manicure will last up to 2 weeks and pedicure will last up to 4 weeks.


What’s the shelf life of Murron gels?

Once opened, Murron gel polish has a shelf life of 18-36 months depending on how it is handled and stored. To prolong your Murron gel polish’s shelf life, store gel polish upright in a cool place out of direct sunlight and always clean the neck of the bottle when you finish using it. The residual polish around the neck of the bottle prevent an air tight seal.




How do I apply Murron?

Follow the instructions included in the starter kit or on the “How to Use” page of our website.


Do I need to shake the Murron gel bottle before use?

No. You do not need to shake the bottle.


Do I need to buff my nails before applying Murron?

No, you do not need to buff your nails.


Can I file my nails when I have Murron on?

No. Filling nails after the gel is applied may allow peeling or chipping to occur.


How long does it take for Murron to cure?

Both gel colors and top coat take 30 seconds to cure under Murron LED lamp.


How to make Murron last longer?

  • Ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free prior to gel application. Use alcohol pads to remove excess oils from the nails.
  • For oily nail beds, apply gel primer or slightly buff the surface and free edge of the nails.
  • Apply thin coats. Some gel colors may need 2 coats to make it opaque.
  • Don't apply gel on the skin or cuticle. If necessary, use a manicure stick to clean the excess gel from cuticle and skin before curing.
  • Don't cap the free edge of the nails when applying gel color.
  • Cap the free edge of the nails when applying top coat.
  • Ensure the gel is completely cured by good quality LED lamp.
  • Wear gloves when performing household tasks like washing dishes, cleaning or doing anything rough with your hands.




How to remove Murron?

Murron gel is formulated to last like a regular soak off gel but be able to remove easily without chemicals. In most cases, Murron gel can be peeled off directly. But for some people, soaking nails into warm water for few minutes would make the removal easier. Warm water softens Murron gel and makes it even easier to remove from the nails, similar to what acetone does to the soak off gels. However, just like a good quality sticker with strong adhesive, you need to lift an edge first and then the gel can peeled away. Otherwise, the gel will stay on and hardens again quickly after they are removed from warm water.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. 

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