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Posted on July 02 2018

Fashion is very important, life enhancing and gives you a pleasure. It’s a thing that describes your personality more than you do. You look beautiful when you are dressed in a stylish dress but you look a real knockout when you wear a makeup. Most of you maybe won’t like to wear a luxurious makeup but a stroke of eyeliner and nail polish can indeed enhance your radiance and mood.

Gel nail polish is found everywhere in markets. It gives a glossy, smooth and flexible natural looking nails but the application and removal both are complicated. It requires great efforts. Thus you should opt for at-home peel-off gel nail polishes.

Differences among Traditional Nail Polish, Gel-Like Nail Polish and Gel Nail Polish

Traditional nail polish is easy to apply and remove with nail polish remover at home. Shape your nails first. Apply one or two coats of nail polish and top coat. Each coat requires few minutes to air dry. Traditional nail polishes can be chip resistant but not chip free.

Gel-like nail polish contains a longer-lasting formula than traditional nail polishes but both don’t use UV or LED lamp to cure. Gel-like polish still requires time to air dry each coat during application and the usage of chemicals to remove.

Gel nail polish is not applied like a traditional nail polish. Gel nail polish needs a UV or LED light to cure. The polish immediately dries after curing and you have chip-free, glossy shine nails for 2 weeks or longer. Many gel nail polishes can be applied at home nowadays, so a manicurist may not be required. Gel nail polish usually requires a base coat, a gel color and a top coat. Adhesive may also be needed prior to base coat application.

Compared to traditional and gel-like nail polish, gel nail polish is harder to remove. You will need to soak your fingers into acetone for 10-15 minutes or longer first and can cause damage to your nails if the removal is not done properly.

Murron At-Home Peel-Off Gel Nail Polish System 

  • Can save you time and money for more important things. With Murron gel polish, you can complete a manicure by yourself in 10 minutes. The gel polish is easy to use and can make your nails glossy with just two coat application ⏤ gel color and top coat.
  • No need to worry about smudges. Murron gel polish is cured in 30 seconds under LED lamp and gives a mirror finishing touch. There is no waiting time for drying and no sticky residue to remove after the gel is cured.
  • Removal is easy and fast without damaging nails. Murron gel polish can be removed in seconds by simply peeling it off without chemical removers. There is need to soak your fingers into acetone or buff or wrap the nails.
  • No compromise health for beauty. Murron gel polish is vegan, never tested on animals and free of 10 harmful chemicals: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, triphenyl phosphate, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens and acetone.


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