Simple & Fast Application

The 2-coat gel manicure can be done in 10 minutes. Each Layer is completely cured under LED lamp in 30 seconds.

No need to buff nails or apply base coat.

Easy Peel-Off Removal

Lift an edge of the gel with your hand or a manicure stick and gently peel off from the surface of the nails.

No need to soak or wrap fingers in acetone; won't damage or dry out skin and nails.

10-Free, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

All products are non-toxic, made with vegan ingredients and never tested on animals.

We care about you and the environment.


Revolutionary Gel Manicure System

Emma loves gel manicure but has no time for salon visits and dislikes the removal process. Watch how Kate solves her problem.

How to use

Only two steps to color and seconds to remove 



Like no other!

"I have fallen in love with this formula! It goes on smoothly without running to my cuticles and 2 coats gave perfect coverage. I was amazed how well it also acts as a one-step gel meaning it cured without a tacky layer. And it peeled off without damaging my nails! I love it for my toes, it goes on and removes quickly. This gray color is also just very classy and wearable any time of year. I'd definitely recommend this brand and will build up my collection!" — Nora R.



"I love it!! Peels off nails yet cures in 30 seconds in my lamp. If you warm it up, when ready for removal off enhancements, it peels off those too!!! Wore on me well over 2 weeks (would have lasted longer, but i was excited to try peeling it off!! ) Still is on my toes and not a chip or scratch!! No tacky layer after curing, (which I don't understand ), but it's great! Definitely will buy again and recommend!!! 10 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍" — J. W.



"Very surprised on how easy this product is to use. I purchased the Soft Pink it’s a very pretty color goes on easy and I was amazed on how easy it is to peel the nail polish off! I think it’s a great buy considering a per programmed 30 sec nail lamp is included in this kit. Great buy!" — Gayle K. 

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